"Your custom-made jewelry in Montreal "

Choix du client pour sa chaine comme bijou permanent

The Concept

The jewel is a thin chain without clasp that is adjusted and welded. Therefore the chain will never separate from the selected body part.

The permanent jewel is worn as a symbol of an infinite bond.

Our chains are designed for durability. We offer several chains: 14 carat chain and gold filled.

Your jewel will be made 100% custom-made according to the desired placement on your body.

Permanent jewelry is a unique experience. It can be a gift to yourself or to others. Live this moment with your partner, your child, your relative or your friend. Weld your love or friendship to infinity.

You can add one or more charms to your permanent jewelry. Each charm is priced individually.

Your permanent jewelry in 4 steps

Image représentant une chaine comme un bijou permanent

Choose your chain

Image représentant la possibilité de mettre une breloque sur un bijou permanent à Montréal

Personalize with your charms

Cette image permet de montrer la prise de mesure pour confectionner des bijoux permanents


Image présentant un bras de soudure pour bijou permanent à Montréal

Soldering of your jewelry

With whom?

Alone, with a loved one or in a group come and create a bond forever.

What occasion?

To bind a relationship, a friendship, an event, a date, a place, a gift… any occasion is appropriate to create this unique and timeless jewel.

plusieurs modèles de bijoux permanents

During your event

Organize your next event with an ephemeral stand of permanent jewelry

Private events

Professional events


The following prices are for one inch. Please check out the instagram page to see the different designs.

14 carats solid gold chain

Chain in Gold Filled*

*Base metal (brass), covered with a layer of gold (10 or 14K) by a process combining pressure and heat

Silver Chain 0.925


*The charms are made of 14 karat gold, 0.925 silver, gold filled or amoracast gold.

Location on the body

*Gold Filled: $30

*Silver 0.925 : $40

*14-carat gold: $50

Customized services

About us

"What could be better than a permanent jewel that signifies friendship and love "

Cecilia & Sabrina

The permanent jewelry is for us more than a service but a new vision of the accessory.
Sabrina is the owner of a beauty salon for several years in Griffintown and Cecilia, her manager or what she would call her Swiss army knife.

We are two young women with completely different experiences but we have always had the same vision.

Since we have been working together, we have always wanted to go further in the field of beauty. We got through pandemic and we were able to remain innovative in order to always stay in this market which has suffered badly.

We want to offer a service that will perfectly compliment the treatments already offered in the salon as well as Pop’n shops during private events.

Plusieurs modèles de bijoux permanents

Frequently asked questions

Yes, with the agreement and the presence of a parent during the appointment in store.

Yes, if the string type allows it.

Yes, it is possible to remove it with a pair of sharp scissors and make an appointment at the store to re-weld back for a 15$ fee.

No, to ensure a perfect fit and durability of the jewelry.

We have suitable protection to avoid any direct contact between the client and the jewel during welding, there is no risk. The machine is designed for this service and the technicians are trained specifically for this service. The machine is designed for this service and the technicians are specifically trained for this service.

No, jewelry does not trigger security gates.

It depends on the customer’s lifestyle. It is a jewelry that is designed to last but it is not an infallible jewelry. It is a piece of jewelry that is designed to last but it is not a foolproof piece of jewelry.

You can polish your jewelry with a polishing cloth.

Each appoitment can take up to 30 minutes.

If the time slot allows it, you can come with several people at the same time.

It is strongly recommended to make an appointment for this service.

You can go directly to the salon, or via our online booking system platform, or by email in the “contact” tab.

The jewelry is a thin chain that never comes off the selected body part