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Our Piercing Service

Ear piercing is available at Pop’N Shop Bijoux. We pierce the ear (lobe and cartilage) for adults and children.

We have 3 material choices: stainless steel, gold-plated surgical steel and titanium.

The jewels are from Pro-Pierce (Canada). They are approved by Health Canada.

They are packaged in individual sterilized cartridges, and the instrument is designed so that we can’t handle them with our hands. The buckles have a batch number and can be easily traced.

Piercing is possible from the age of 3 months. All persons aged 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent. An analgesic cream is offered, to be applied at least 40 minutes before the service. The guardian must sign for the minor


Piercing is simple, quick, painless, safe and needle-free. We drill directly into the required loop, the rod is ultra-thin. The jewel is packaged in a sterile adapter.

Hygiene procedures and sanitary measures :

  • Wearing disposable gloves
  • Single-wipe disinfection of piercing instrument
  • The kit is placed on disposable paper
  • Disinfection of ears with a suitable wipe
  • All buckles are packaged in 100% sterile boxes.
  • Each jewel has a unique lot number
  • Single-use loop drilling
Piercing Pop n Shop

Your piercing in 5 steps

Choice of jewel

Body area cleaning

Marking the drilling point

Signature of the contract validating consent

Loop drilling

Procedure after drilling

Hygiene after piercing is essential. Find out more about the procedure below:

Pop’N Shop Bijoux is not responsible for any loss, infection or allergy. The customer is responsible for the care and maintenance of his curls and piercing. There is no guarantee against allergies, infections or loss of the jewel or if the hole closes. Please note that if the jewel falls out and the hole closes, you will have to buy a new one.

Browse our models :

Stainless steel P117*
Stainless steel P118
Stainless steel P119
Stainless steel P120
Stainless steel P124
Stainless steel P125
Stainless steel P127
Stainless steel P128
Stainless steel P129
Stainless steel P131
Stainless steel P132
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Stainless steel

Gold-plated surgical steel

Browse our models :

P200 Surgical Steel
Surgical Steel P205
Surgical Steel P206
Surgical Steel P207
Surgical Steel P208
Surgical Steel P209
P210 Surgical Steel
P212 Surgical Steel
P213 Surgical Steel
P215 Surgical Steel
P217 Surgical Steel
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Browse our models :

Titanium P300
Titanium P301
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